Daily Update

Hey there 👋 ,

I have a goal of building products and I am working towards mine to build these side projects in 2021.

I am currently working as Associate Product Manager in a SaaS company which I joined in March 2020 as an intern , and working as a full-time employee from December 2020.

📧 dasguptajii@gmail.com

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☝ Where you can find me

I am a chemical engineer (Graduated 2019), who worked in a core company for like 7 months and got bored, frustrated (Let's mention this part as another blog post). After that I applied for an internship for product management and luckily things got interesting.

And I decided today (25th December , 2020 - Nothing to do with santa lol!) to share everything I learn along the way and post updates here daily on my progress.

Thoughts on my side projects 💭💭💬

  1. I am a newbie to tech word , so I am learning basics of some bit and pieces of it which will take some time , but I will get there. But still I have some product ideas on which I want to work (won't require much coding and where the product idea is already validated in market).

Best takeaways so far -

<aside> 💡 Never wait or search to build something unique.


  1. Apart from this I want to build some design projects in Behance n Dribble , learn UI animation, motion graphics (I am always thrilled with the trending design work's 👀).

  2. Read some good amount of books (which I like not what everyone is reading) , also promised on writing summaries of book as twitter thread and medium (totally forgot until now😐)

  3. And engage in posting content (which I feel I am bad at , but is a really powerful tool to reach audience).

2021 🎯

  1. To build products

  2. Create valuable contents

  3. Design works

  4. Books

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